Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun Weekend and Garden Chairs!

Started off the week end Friday night by attending the Vintage Market hosted by Petticoats on the Prairie at the Chataqua with Laura, Brooke and Gloria...after three times around Brooke was wondering how many times I could look at the same thing! There were over 30 vendors and a sweet little vintage Shastas and Forresters! Tiny little campers, Gloria and I want a pink one to travel around in when we go junkin'! (The only down fall is no pot - not sure how I would pull that off) LOL

Saturday Bill and I took a trip to Shreveport to eat dinner at Ernest's (awesome marinated crab claws) so, I twisted his arm to take me junkin' on the way! Found some great buys to up-cycle and add to someone's garden! It was beautiful in East Texas, everything was so green and the bluebonnets were in full bloom! Really puts me in the gardening mood.

Topped the week end off with Laura. We made a quick run to Michael's and Joann's. I have to run in and run out...or else I can spend way too many dollars.

So here is a before and after pic of one of the garden chairs I painted mint green and covered the seat in burlap to place your lovely plant. It is currently located at Cozee's in the Old Town Village Antique Mall.

Until next time have a great week and love each day like it's your never know what tomorrow holds. ~Judy

FYI -  The plant shown came from a Wondering Jew that belonged to my grandmother over 20 years ago, I carried a piece of it home on an airplane from Missouri two years ago. I love it! Thanks Uncle Larry!

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