Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Still new to blogging...

Yep! Even though I started my blog last October, I am still new at it! This is only my second post - please, have a good giggle at my expense - if nothing else, I do know how to make people laugh! I'm still working on that little thing called "time management"! I'M PRETTY SURE I SPENT MORE TIME WORKING ON HOW THE BLOG LOOKED THAN ACTUALLY WRITING...

I have enjoyed following crafty, chic, vintage, talented and inspiring bloggers, I have learned so much since I started my little vintage business about six months ago.

But my favorite part of this business(besides all the great vintage-ness!) is the friendships I have formed with with the women here in my little world...the neat little tips of the trade they share, the "picking" together (two of us recently took a two day trip about four hours south of here together finding great treasures along the way) and all the sincere support they offer very freely - which is so appreciated.

Really the only thing I knew going into this wonderful business was that "I LOVED OLD STUFF"! It's an awesome bonus when I can find out the history of a vintage piece, or who's grandmother hand stitched a quilt 70+ years ago. By the way, how do they sell the hand stitched memories? I came from a very large family and by the time my grandparents' belongings were passed out, there was nothing left for the grandchildren! So, what I do is find replicas of something my grandparents owned - they may not have owned it but every time I look at the brown cookie jar or Frankoma wagon wheel creamer and sugar - I will still have my treasured memories.

So hopefully I will get good at this blogging thing and learn how to post pictures of my great finds and maybe even give a tip or two. In the last six months I have learned a lot of what NOT to do...LOL

Be sure and check out one of my favorite places to visit, Ashley is very talented in her craft and full of JOY!

Until next time...Judy

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